The Crew of 2 are back out on the road in search of the Sex Stars of the Seventies…


The Crew of 2 on the American Road Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr. The Crew of 2 on the American Road Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

This past summer Larry Revene and I set out to interview the “Legends of the Golden Age of Porn” and hear about their experiences working with my father, the acclaimed adult film director Gerard Damiano Sr. Our Journey took us from New York City to Hollywood and beyond. Along the way we met up with some of the biggest names of the era, including Georgina Spelvin, Ron Jeremy, and Sharon Mitchell. Their stories were always interesting, often surprising, and I constantly caught myself saying…

“You can’t make this shit up!”

RedwoodResort The 2006 Toyota Corolla that my father and I bought together, amidst the Redwoods of Northern California.

Once we completed all the interviews that we had set out to do, we realized that our work was hardly finished. It had only just begun. Some of the interviews posed more…

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A divine appointment with Miss Sharon Mitchell on the streets of Scotts Valley, CA


Dr. Mitch Dr. Mitch

Sharon Mitchell (known by her peers as “Mitch”), acted Off-Broadway, and toured with the Martha Graham Dance Company, before starring in her first adult film, “That Lady from Rio”, in 1976. During her career, she has appeared in more than 600 films, and directed 18. By the 1980s Sharon’s lifestyle had taken it’s toll on her. She became a heroin addict, and suffered from a number of STDs. in 1996, following a brutal assault, by a crazed stalker which nearly killed her, she quit drugs and went back to school. She earned both an MA and Phd, and in 1998, she founded the nonprofit Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), which provided testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and drug and psychological counseling for porn actors. In 2011, an information leak led to a lawsuit, and the clinic’s closure.

Sharon Mitchell in “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue” (1980) Sharon Mitchell in “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue”…

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Acclaimed cinematographer João Fernandes talks for the first time about being “Harry Flecks”

I love his man…


João Fernandes is the biggest name in adult film cinematography, that you’ve never heard of. He is responsible for shooting many of the finest examples of “Golden Age” porn, including “Take Off”, and “Through The Looking Glass”. He has worked with directors such as Doris Wishman, Armand Weston, Anthony Spinelli, Jonas Middleton, and even Blaxploitation star Fred Williamson. Born in Brasil, he studied film at NYU under Haig P. Manoogian, who had taught Scorcese, and cites Fellini as his greatest influence. His collaboration with Gerard Damiano Sr. began in 1972, on the film “Deep Throat”.

 João Fernandes & Jerry Damiano of the Set of João Fernandes & Jerry Damiano of the Set of “The Story of Joanna” 1975

João shot all of my father’s most acclaimed films, including “The Devil in Miss Jones”, “Memories within Miss Aggie”, and his masterpiece, “The Story of Joanna”. The two shared a dream…

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In Hollywood with the most recognizable porn star in the world… Ron Jeremy


Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is not only a ”Legend of the Golden Age of Porn”, he is, literally, the most recognizable porn star in the world. More popular today, than he was while at the peak of his adult film career, which spans 4 decades. Ron has starred in more than 1,400 films, directing 182 of them. He is known for his quick wit, and the rare ability to perform autofellatio on his 10” member. AVN (Adult Video News) has ranked him number 1, in their list of the Top 50 Porn stars of all time. Ron has found new generations of fans as a reality star, appearing in “The Surreal Life”, and has roles in dozens of main stream films, including “Ronin” with Robert Deniro, and the cult classic “The Boondock Saints”. He can also be seen in music videos by Guns…

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The Crew of Two


To tell the story of my father, in the most accurate way, I feel that it is important to speak with all the surviving cast and crew members who had worked with him. I decided to set out on the road, to film the “Legends of the Golden Age of Porn”, and hear their stories, while they are still able to tell them. In order to prepare for this, I consulted with Larry Revene, to decide on which would be the best camera and lighting package to bring along. Larry had an impressive resume of shooting film and television, long before he became one of the he most highly acclaimed cinematographers from the “Golden Age”, He was responsible for such films as “Roommates”, “Wanda Whips Wall Street”, and “Raw Talent”. He definitely has stories to tell. So much so, in fact, that his memoir is in 2 volumes…

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Why The Book?



Back in 1999, when I first approached my father about writing his autobiography, his answer was “NO”. “I don’t want to end up in the trunk of a car” he said. It was more than 25 years after the release of “Deep Throat”, and still he feared for his life. He felt that if he “named names”, there would be repercussions.

By 1971, he had had some minor success, with a few independent “Sexploitation” films, when he met Linda Traynor (who he would later christen “Linda Lovelace”). She was his muse, in a very real sense. When he first witnessed her unique talent for oral sex, he was inspired to write the script for “Deep Throat”. Shooting a full-length feature film in 35mm Color, was an expensive proposition, even then. He was looking for financing, when a friend introduced him to Lou “Butchie” Pirano, who unbeknownst to him at the…

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